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"I never plan to paint these doors, they appear onto the canvas from my subconscious, despite me. On occasion I say out loud "another door!". It always seems to be the same door in a different manifestation. The door handle is usually on the right hand side, there can be a door lintel, or a port hole.

There maybe something of relevance at this side of the door at the time I paint it - however this comes from a conscious level. What intrigues the viewer on occasion is 'What is behind the door?" - the answers I get can be varied from a humorous to a Spiritual response".

Select Painting to see it's Size & Medium. (Note: the availability some original paintings are SOLD in the Door series)

9" x 9" - Euro Symbol130

18" x 18" - Euro Symbol330

24" x 24" - Euro Symbol430

36" x 36" - Euro Symbol730

Any painting with dimensions outside these standard sizes are priced differently.

Post and Packaging is an additional cost when shipping original artwork.

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Giclee prints are available by order of these pieces in three sizes, small, medium and large please see print section for more price details.

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