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The word Paternoster translates as 'Our Father' in Latin, the Lord's prayer. I've been working on Spiritual paintings for years, especially the Trinity. More recently however, knowing the Trinity is ONE, I have deliberately been breaking the Trinity into 3 entities, purify The Father and His light. It is very vague in the bible as to what the Father looks like. It mentions, fire, light, precious stones and rainbow colours.

Prisms fascinate me, they always have, it's as thought they lead to a truth for me - a 'truth ENERGY'. To produce these paintings, I use a technique that just came to me in 2007. I use a particular rounded pallet knife with copious amounts of oil paint and carefully apply the paint in various directions. I have more of these painting to produce, the Spirit is nudging me to do so."

Select Painting to see it's Size & Medium. (Note: the availability some original paintings are SOLD in the Paternoster series)

9" x 9" - Euro Symbol130

18" x 18" - Euro Symbol330

24" x 24" - Euro Symbol430

36" x 36" - Euro Symbol730

Any painting with dimensions outside these standard sizes are priced differently.

Post and Packaging is an additional cost when shipping original artwork.

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Giclee prints are available by order of these pieces in three sizes, small, medium and large please see print section for more price details.

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