Testimonials for my Work

Rebecca Carroll has been known to me on a professional basis for many years. Rebecca's paintings have been exhibited as a continual and changing exhibition on the Mid-Western Regional hospitals main corridors for many years. They have stimulated a very positive response to public art in hospitals and arising from this exhibition and the themes exhibited, the latest ward refurbishment included an integrated art project, within the main development project.

The proposed art scheme was included very late on the project and Rebecca's work was chosen. Rebecca worked extremely well with the clinical users understanding both their needs and the needs of their patients and relatives of this ward. The effect of the chosen art both from an aesthetic and also at a subliminal level has been extremely positive. The new ward presents an environment which is truly holistic in its presentation.

Throughout the development Rebecca worked to all given deadlines and maintained constant contact with both Project and clinical staff. Installation details which would meet infection control and hospital safety standards were worked out to meet all the necessary requirements. The project has been a success and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca for hospital art projects.

Helen Cunneen ex.Project Manager, Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick

It is now nearly a year since we opened our ward, but our pride and joy has never weaned. As you can see we use the Camino as our mission statement and my heart rejoices as I look at its beauty, as its so symbolic for us, of hope and courage on the journey of diagnosis and recovery or unfortunately death.

Each of our staff love different pieces of the collection and as the world is very focused on Angels because patients are seeking a balm for life's ailment, Arch Angel Michael is a big favourite and his embracing wings have often offered protection for its patients.

Our work is tiring and intense but we do with purpose and pleasure in the environment of colour and calm from your Art Collection. We have the nicest ward in the Hospital and I will always remain so thankful for all the donations received to allow the collection to be purchased. May God bless your work and may you never tire from its creation

Carmel O Sullivan Clinical Nurse Manager 11, Ward 2c, Limerick Regional Hospital.

"Rebecca Carroll's work is authentic and engaging, clearly originating from a deep spiritual center. Her inimitable tactile surfaces quietly entice the viewer to explore beneath the mysterious layers. What they may discover is their relationship to their own divine spirit. Her work fits a category of healing art that is much needed today."

Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International and member of the International Association of Art Critics.

"The wonder of Carroll's rich pastoral paintings, with swirls of colour don't resemble specific places, but they do hit on specific emotions".

Cyrus Hedayati of the Los Gatos Weekly Times.

I first met artist Rebecca Carroll some twenty years ago: bubbly, deeply spiritual yet very practical. When, a few years ago, she spoke to me about the decline in sales for the Art Sector, I met with Rebecca. She had an idea to have three large exhibitions of her work in America - she had never done this before. I gave her some names to contact and, I believe one of the keys to her success (apart from her positive & warm attitude!) is that she ACTED on the leads.

Before long, she had set up an exhibition in Washington, New York and California. Rebecca's practical and hard-working energy got moving and she produced 45 stunning art works which were shipped to the US. The exhibitions were a huge success.

One buyer who spotted Rebecca's work happens to be one of America's most noted Art buyers based in Manhattan. He bought several of Rebecca's paintings and then arranged to come and visit her at her wonderfully creative and idyllic home on the beach at Littor Strand, Asdee, North Kerry.

Catherine McGeachy Managing Director of Vision Consultants Ltd - Author of "Spiritual Intelligence in the Workplace".